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The first edition of Gray ’ s Anatomy for Students accomplished many of the goals we had established for this textbook, including our primary goal of helping students learn anatomy. However, we realized from the many suggestions, comments, and kind advice we received from colleagues and students around the world that there were modifi cations and changes that would improve this textbook. So keeping in mind the goals and objectives of the fi rst edition, we began work on the second edition by evaluating all of the input from our readers, assessing changes occurring in the educational environment, and doing our best to predict the future direction of anatomy education. The result is the second edition of Gray ’ s Anatomy for Students , which builds on the past and looks toward the future. One of the most signifi cant changes in the second edition of our textbook occurs in Chapter 1. This chapter has been retitled “ The Body ” and not only includes the material from Chapter 1 of the fi rst edition, such as “ What is anatomy? ” and “ Imaging ” but also has a new section, entitled “ Body systems.
” This new section provides students with an overview of the skeletal system, skin and fascias, the muscular system, the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system (material moved from Chapter 4 of the previous edition), and the nervous system (material moved from Chapter 2 of the fi rst edition). The information is concise in its presentation, and its clinical signifi cance is emphasized by the addition of numerous examples of common clinical problems. Another signifi cant change in this edition involves the presentation of clinical material. While “ In the Clinic ” boxes are still presented throughout the textbook, usually at the end of a section of material so as not to destroy the readability of the textbook, we have also highlighted clinically relevant information throughout the textual material. This technique, while maintaining the book ’ s readability, provides the student with a rapid locator of clinical “ pearls of wisdom. ” Thus, throughout the textbook, boxes in pastel green and text highlighted in gray signal clinical information — pay particular attention.

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