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Macleod’s Clinical Examination 12th Edition PDF

Macleod’s Clinical Examination 12th Edition PDF Free Download

Macleod’s Clinical Examination 12th Edition PDF
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Your professional obligations, the expectations placed upon you by the public, the law and your colleagues, start on your first day as a student and continue throughout your working life. You have demonstrated considerable intellect and application to get into and through Medical School, but there is more to being a good clinician than intellectual and technical proficiency. While some individuals have greater ‘natural’ technical ability, particularly where spatial awareness and manipulation are required, to an extent these things can be taught. Fundamentally, however, a good clinician is someone who is interested in people.
The qualities that patients look for in a doctor (Box 1.1) may appear obvious, but should underpin all your clinical contacts. Body_ID: P001001 One way to reconcile these expectations with your inexperience and incomplete knowledge or skills is to put yourself in the situation of the patient and/or their relatives. Consider how you would wish to be cared for in their situation, acknowledging that you are different and your preferences may not be theirs. Most doctors have their approach to, and care of, patients radically altered by their own experiences as a patient or a relative. Some of this process is empathy – where you respond in a way that demonstrates that you have made the connection between the patient’s emotion and its cause. Doctors, nurses and everyone involved in healthcare have a profound influence on how patients experience illness and their sense of dignity.