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Netter’s Essential Histology 2nd Edition PDF

Netter’s Essential Histology 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Netter’s Essential Histology 2nd Edition PDF

The second edition of Netter’s Essential Histology has enriched content and expanded clinical correlations as they relate to medicine, applied science, and the allied health professions. Our main goal as authors has been to provide a solid foundation for understanding human anatomy as seen through the microscope. The book continues to serve as a concise yet comprehensive text/atlas, providing readers with virtually all they need to know about human microscopic anatomy. It plays an essential role for students introduced to the discipline for the first time, as well as for those who wish to review any topic previously learned. Histology—a visual science that assesses functional states of cells and tissues of the body—serves as a basis for understanding pathology, histopathology, and clinical medicine. We have strived to maintain balance among key precepts of histology while avoiding extraneous detail in order to stimulate interest in subject matter that some students in the past may have perceived to be uninspiring. Since the first edition was released in 2008, we have received many constructive comments from readers, student learners, and colleagues.
We are very grateful to them for their valuable feedback and are also honored that the book was cited by the British Medical Association as “Best Illustrated Book 2008” and received “Highly Commended Prize” in their Basic and Clinical Sciences category. We have continued the text/atlas format with high image quality using newly selected artwork in the Netter style, combined with additional light and electron micrographs. In most chapters, important concepts have been updated to include recent advances in cell and molecular biology and have been combined with a strong emphasis on clinical relevance. The addition of more than 100 new and highly relevant “clinical points” to the second edition gives the reader a deeper insight into mechanisms of disease. In many instances, they are accompanied by Netter illustrations on the same page to highlight the relevance of histology to the science and practice of medicine. As a pictorial guide, the second edition of Netter’s Essential Histology continues to highlight salient microscopic features of cells, tissues, and organs of the body. Its user-friendly and logical format is especially pertinent in today’s revised, problembased, integrated curricula for students in medicine, dentistry, and undergraduate science programs. Allied health care professionals, clinical residents, medical laboratory technologists, teachers, and researchers will also benefit from its use.

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