Open-Bite Malocclusion

Open-Bite Malocclusion PDF

Open-Bite Malocclusion PDF
Author Guilherme Janson
File size 132 MB
Year 2014
Pages 476
Language English
File format PDF

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Book Description

Open-Bite Malocclusion: Treatment and Stability presents the etiology treatment and its stability of anterior open bite malocclusion in the early mixed and permanent dentitions. Special emphasis is devoted to orthodontic treatment and its stability in the permanent dentition because this is the time when treatment of open bite presents greater relapse. Appropriate for clinicians orthodontic residents and dental students Open-Bite Malocclusion covers the most simple treatment approaches to the most complex from orthodontic devices to tooth extraction to surgery.

Unique to this book is the discussion of post-treatment stability. Drs. Janson and Valarelli highlight the post-treatment changes and presents strategies to increase treatment stability. This allows the clinician to be able to predict the stability probabilities when treating anterior open bite malocclusions in the permanent dentition either with or without extraction orthodontic-surgical therapy or with occlusal adjustment.

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