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Echo Made Easy 3rd Edition PDF

Echo Made Easy 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Echo Made Easy 3rd Edition PDF

Ever since the second edition of Echo Made Easy was published five years back, there have been tremendous advancements in the field of echocardiography. To name a few, threedimensional technique, tissue-Doppler study and myocardialcontrast imaging have gained considerable popularity. Nevertheless, there remains an unmet need for a simplistic book on basic echocardiography for the uninitiated reader. It gives me immense pleasure to present to cardiology students, resident doctors, nurses and technicians working in cardiology units, this vastly improved third edition of Echo Made Easy. The initial chapters will help the readers to understand the principles of conventional echo and color-Doppler imaging, the various echo-windows and the normal views of cardiac structures. The abnormalities observed in different forms of heart disease including congenital, valvular, coronary, hypertensive, myocardial, endocardial and pericardial diseases have been discussed under separate sections. Due emphasis has been laid on diagnostic pitfalls, differential diagnosis, causative factors and clinical significance.
Those who have read the previous editions of Echo Made Easy will definitely notice a remarkable improvement in the layout of the book. Readers will appreciate a bewildering array of striking figures and impressive tables. For this, I am extremely grateful to Dr Rakesh Gupta, an expert in echocardiography of international repute. He has been very kind and generous in providing me with real-time images from his vast and valuable

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