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Hamilton Bailey’s Physical Signs 19th Edition

Hamilton Bailey’s Physical Signs 19th Edition PDF

Hamilton Bailey’s Physical Signs 19th Edition PDF


A complete history and full clinical examination are the foundation of excellence in clinical practice. It is therefore essential that these modalities are retained at the core of undergraduate and postgraduate training, irrespective of enormous technical and scientific advances and the competing demands from other disciplines. These clinical principles have been the key elements of Hamilton Bailey’s Demonstrations of Physical Signs since its first publication in 1927. The ease of world travel has facilitated the rapid spread of infection, while chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and many cancers are increasingly prevalent internationally, and clinicians have to be aware of this in their differential diagnoses.
The current edition reflects this global nature of disease in its choice of editors and contributors from across the world. Although Hamilton Bailey and his wife Vita would not recognise the current edition, they would appreciate its aims for clarity of text and full colour illustration. Its system-based organization mirrors the structure of the current edition of Bailey & Love’s Short Practice of Surgery, re-establishing the link between these two seminal surgical textbooks. We hope that the nineteenth edition will continue to provide an invaluable source of clinical information for students worldwide.