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Principles of Pharmacology 4th Edition

Principles of Pharmacology 4th Edition PDF

Principles of Pharmacology 4th Edition PDF


The editors are grate ul or many help ul suggestions rom readers o the f rst, second, and third editions o Principles o Pharmacology: The Pathophysiologic Basis o Drug Therapy . The ourth edition eatures many changes to re ect the rapidly evolving nature o pharmacology and drug development. We believe that these updates will continue to contribute to the learning and teaching o pharmacology both nationally and internationally:
■ Comprehensive updates o ull-color f gures throughout the textbook—about 450 in all. Every f gure has been updated and colorized, and over 50 f gures are new or substantially modif ed to highlight advances in our understanding o physiologic, pathophysiologic, and pharmacologic mechanisms. As in the f rst three editions, our collaboration with a single illustrator creates a uni orm “look and eel” among the f gures that acilitates understanding and helps the reader make connections across broad areas o pharmacology.
■ Comprehensive updates and additions in the undamentals o pharmacology . Along with extensive updates in the chapters on drug–receptor interactions, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism, drug toxicity, and pharmacogenomics, a new chapter on drug transporters has been added. The f rst section o the textbook now provides a comprehensive ramework or the undamental principles o pharmacology that serve as the oundation or material in all subsequent chapters.
■ Comprehensive updates o all 37 d rug summary tables . These tables, which have been particularly popular with readers, group drugs and drug classes according to mechanism o action and list clinical applications, serious and common adverse e ects, contraindications, and therapeutic considerations or each drug discussed in the chapter.
■ Comprehensive u pdates o all chapters , including new drugs approved through 2014–2015. We have ocused especially on newly discovered and revised mechanisms that sharpen our understanding o the physiology pathophysiology, and pharmacology o the relevant system. Sections throughout the book contain substantial amounts o new and updated material, especially the chapters on drug–receptor interactions; drug toxicity; pharmacogenomics; adrenergic pharmacology; local anesthetic pharmacology; the pharmacology o serotonergic and central adrenergic neurotransmission; the pharmacology o analgesia; the pharmacology o cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism; the pharmacology o volume regulation; the pharmacology o vascular tone; the pharmacology o hemostasis and thrombosis; the pharmacology o the thyroid gland; the pharmacology o the endocrine pancreas and glucose homeostasis; the pharmacology o bone mineral homeostasis; the pharmacology o bacterial DNA replication, transcription, and translation; the pharmacology o bacterial and mycobacterial cell wall synthesis; the pharmacology o viral in ections; the pharmacology o cancer; the pharmacology o eicosanoids; the pharmacology o immunosuppression; the undamentals o drug development and regulation; and protein therapeutics.