THIEME Atlas of Anatomy 2nd Edition

THIEME Atlas of Anatomy 2nd Edition PDF

THIEME Atlas of Anatomy 2nd Edition PDF

of students and practitioners everywhere, as evidenced by the many let ters and e-mails we have received. We thank you for your praise and constructive criticism, which helps us keep improving this atlas. Clinical knowledge presented in conjunction with anatomy is increasingly important earlier and earlier in the study of medicine.
This has been further strengthened in this edition with the inclusion of about 30 new two-page spreads across the book devoted to
• osteoarthritis of the hip joint,
• compression syndromes of peripheral nerves,
• conduction anesthesia of peripheral nerves,
• shoulder arthroscopy and degenerative changes of the shoul der joint,
• functions of individual muscles and the symptoms associated with shortening or weakening of these muscles, and
• diagnostic imaging of the large joints, such as the shoulder, elbow, and wrist, and the hip, knee, and ankle. In addition, we have added spreads on important foundational information on the common imaging planes for plain lm, MRI, and CT scans, the structure of skeletal muscle bers, the structure and chemical composition of hyaline cartilage, and the regeneration of peripheral nerves. We have also checked, corrected, and updated all the information in this atlas.

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