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Clinical Laboratory Science Review 5th Edition

Clinical Laboratory Science Review 5th Edition PDF

Clinical Laboratory Science Review 5th Edition PDF


This book is intended for all students of clinical laboratory science as a review reference as well as a course supplement. It is also relevant for medical students and other allied health students who are responsible for knowledge of the many clinical laboratory tests currently performed on patients. Educators in allied health, nursing and other medical careers will benefit from the many “memory tools” which simplify educational concepts.
Welcome to the unique study experience we offer in this book. Because of our clinical and academic backgrounds, we’ve been able to streamline the thousands of details in the clinical laboratory science profession to determine the “bottom line”.
To HELP you remember this bottom line, we’ve created graphics, stories, acronyms and mnemonics.
Handy test alerts (for concepts frequently tested) Easy format (concise outlines, charts and cross-referenced index) Learning tools (to fog your memory) Practice questions (with answers and rationale)