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Own the Arterial Blood Gas

Own the Arterial Blood Gas PDF

Own the Arterial Blood Gas PDF


Simple. Clear. Structured. Whether you are sitting your med school finals, boards, or college fellowship exams, the methods detailed in Own the Abg make the interpretation of any blood gas question a straightforward exercise. For those who take the time to work through this book the reward will be an understanding that applies in the examination hall, the rests room, and by the patient’s bedside at 2am. Inside you will find 30 worked blood gas problems illustrating the four step method used to Own the Abg, as well as comments referenced to the literature explaining the major themes of each question. There are a further 30 extended match questions designed to test your understanding, followed by explanatory notes on the major concepts in blood gas chemistry. All the questions and answers are detailed in both mmHg and kPa so that international clinicians can all learn to interpret the arterial blood gas. Difficult? Complicated? Confusing? Not any more! Pick up this book and Own the Abg today.

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  • Own the Arterial Blood Gas PDF