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Oncology Esthetics PDF

Oncology Esthetics PDF


NEW REVISED EDITION CAN BE PRE-ORDERED! Continue Your Education Improve Your Soothing Touch
Estheticians with the right knowledge and understanding are able to recognize abnormalities on the skin and can therefore become an important player in the detection of skin cancer as well as provide calming skin care treatments and products for survivors.

These same educated estheticians can help resolve oncology-related skin issues, and provide a soothing touch and relaxation for any person visiting a spa, especially if the person is living with cancer.

Read this book for more information on:

How to recognize skin abnormalities
Skin reactions to cancer therapies
Oncology drugs that react with certain ingredients in skin care Products
Understanding the lymphatic system while performing oncology massage therapy during treatment and recovery
Mandatory sanitation and infection control
Utilizing the appropriate skin care products during treatment and Recovery
Not every esthetician may choose to provide oncology esthetics; however, diseases are a part of everyday life, and education, such as what can be found in this book, should be available.

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