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How NOT to Write a Medical Paper

How NOT to Write a Medical Paper PDF

How NOT to Write a Medical Paper PDF


It is witty from the opening paragraph….’Final Advice’ is just two pages but, alone, justifies the price of the book.The Journal of Laryngology & Otology

…this booklet would be good to circulate around the housestaff (residents and fellows).American Journal of Neuroradiology

Writing a medical paper, or any other scientific text, is full of pitfalls which make it difficult to get it accepted for publication. This unique book gives practical advice on how one can circumvent these dangers. It is richly filled with examples, predominantly negative ones. which exhibit how one should not write a medical paper. This book highlights the fallibilities that manuscripts are often susceptible to, and hence will help writers avoid committing those mistakes.

Special Features:

  • Abundant information about a complex subject condensed in a small format
  • Numerous examples from bad manuscripts to drive home concepts
  • Practical advice on mistakes to be avoided
  • Explanation of the fate of a manuscript after its submission and, eventually, acceptance, to help writers understand expectations and responses
  • Lucid language, and enjoyable read

This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in scientific publishing. Junior medical scientists (independent of specialty), experienced scientists who wish to venture as authors, reviewers, and even editorial personnel can refer to the book time and again.

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  • How NOT to Write a Medical Paper PDF