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Patient Safety First 1st Edition

Patient Safety First 1st Edition PDF

Patient Safety First 1st Edition PDF


Already coping with two significant medical conditions, David L. Folck survives a near-death medical malpractice nightmare from a non-hospital acquired infection that required life-saving heart surgery. A legal nightmare followed that was full of surprises, back-stabbings and disappointments. Depositions from the case provide memorable statements from defendants and medical experts. Several years pass after a settlement, and the author finally finds the strength to relive the experience and recount this shocking, compelling tale. Along with this first person true story, the author also provides tips on navigating the medical malpractice system and provides timely and important ideas for reform. It is written in the style of a “60 Minutes” report but with significant details. It took 6+ years for the author to complete the book due to the subject matter and a significant clinical depression. No first person story of a medical malpractice experience has been written and published as a book until now. This book started as a therapeutic mental exercise after a horrific med mal nightmare ordeal. The subject matter is now quite timely and is part of a growing wave to reform or overturn the unfair, unjust, one-sided med mal law in California known as The MICRA.

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  • Patient Safety First 1st Edition PDF