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When Professionals Weep 2nd Edition

When Professionals Weep 2nd Edition PDF

When Professionals Weep 2nd Edition PDF
Author Renee S. Katz
File size 2 MB
Year 2016
Pages 262
Language English
File format PDF

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Book Description

When Professionals Weep speaks to the humbling and often transformational moments that clinicians experience in their careers as caregivers and healers―moments when it is often hard to separate the influence of our own emotional responses and worldviews from the patient’s or family’s. When Professionals Weep addresses these poignant moments―when the professional’s personal experiences with trauma illness death and loss can subtly often stealthily surface and affect the helping process. This edition like the first both validates clinicians’ experiences and also helps them process and productively address compassion fatigue burnout and secondary traumatic stress.

New material in the second edition includes increased emphasis on the burgeoning fields of hospice and palliative care organizational countertransference mindfulness and compassionate practice. It includes thought-provoking cases self-assessments and exercises that can be used on an individual dyadic or group basis. This volume is an invaluable handbook for practitioners in the fields of medicine mental health social work nursing chaplaincy the allied health sciences psychology and psychiatry.

When Professionals Weep 2nd Edition PDF When Professionals Weep 2nd Edition PDF Free Download When Professionals Weep 2nd Edition PDF Ebook