The Solution – Focused Helper

The Solution – Focused Helper PDF

The Solution – Focused Helper PDF


Based in part on original research with over 50 practitioners, this absorbing book provides a practice model for solution-focused helping, developed from real-life experiences across a number of settings.

The book begins by reviewing the original De Shazer and Berg practice model, establishing a case for change and then introduces a new concept for the solution-focused helper. Case examples are used to demonstrate the application of this new model in five different practice settings:

  • Healthcare
  • Learning disability
  • Services for older people and end-of-life care
  • Community development
  • Services for globalised diverse communities

Reflective exercises and research reviews are included for each setting as well as sections on policy contexts and ethical dimensions.

The Solution-Focused Helper will support students and practitioners who are already familiar with the basic concepts and principles of solution-focused work and who wish to develop their practice and deepen their knowledge.

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  • The Solution – Focused Helper PDF

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