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Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia 4th Edition

Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia 4th Edition PDF

Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia 4th Edition PDF


Welcome to the fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia. We have been delighted with the success of the handbook and hope that this edition will be well received. The fourth edition contains many changes to take account of the feedback obtained from readers and reviewers. We have involved new authors in different sections of the book, so that the material remains up-to-date and reflects a balanced set of views. In our opinion, each author is an established expert in their field and, more importantly, a good clinical anaesthetist. The book describes the preparation of the patient for anaesthesia, the implications of concurrent diseases, and the general principles of anaesthetic practice for different subspecialties. A practical approach is suggested where appropriate. There are detailed chapters on obstetric and paediatric anaesthesia, and also emergencies. A comprehensive drug formulary is included. A new section on anaesthesia for weight reduction surgery has been added.
The Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia remains a practical guide to anaesthesia written for those who have mastered basic anaesthetic techniques but need advice for the many common problems encountered in clinical practice. The Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia has proved popular in many countries throughout the world. A low-cost edition is available in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, and translations have been produced in Chinese, Italian, Polish, and Russian. An American edition was produced in 2008. We are particularly grateful for the expert proofreading skills of Dr Aidan O’Donnell who has provided invaluable support during the preparation of this edition. Despite all our efforts, it is possible that an occasional error exists; please be careful. We hope that you will enjoy this latest edition of the Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia. Please email us your criticisms and suggestions, so that we can keep improving the book.