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m-Health PDF: Fundamentals and Applications

m-Health PDF
Author Robert S. H. Istepanian
File size 69.83 MB
Year 2016
Pages 424
Language English
File format PDF

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Book Description

Addresses recent advances from both the clinical and technological perspectives to provide a comprehensive presentation of m-Health

This book introduces the concept of m-Health first coined by Robert S. H. Istepanian in 2003. The evolution of m-Health since then—how it was transformed from an academic concept to a global healthcare technology phenomenon—is discussed. Afterwards the authors describe in detail the basics of the three enabling scientific technological elements of m-Health (sensors computing and communications) and how each of these key ingredients has evolved and matured over the last decade. The book concludes with detailed discussion of the future of m-Health and presents future directions to potentially shape and transform healthcare services in the coming decades. In addition this book:

  • Discusses the rapid evolution of m-Health in parallel with the maturing process of its enabling technologies from bio-wearable sensors to the wireless and mobile communication technologies from IOT to 5G systems and beyond
  • Includes clinical examples and current studies particularly in acute and chronic disease management to illustrate some of the relevant medical aspects and clinical applications of m-Health
  • Describes current m-Health ecosystems and business models
  • Covers successful applications and deployment examples of m-Health in various global health settings particularly in developing countries

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