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Therapeutic Nanomaterials

Therapeutic Nanomaterials PDF

Therapeutic Nanomaterials PDF


Addressing a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary field, this book reviews nanomaterials and their biomedical applications. It covers regeneration, implants, adhesives, and biosensors and strategies for more efficient therapy, diagnosis, and drug delivery with the use of nanotechnology.

• Addresses the increasing demand for nanomedicine in a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary field
• Introduces concepts, strategies, and requirements of developing materials
• Discusses hot topics in drug delivery, such as neural regeneration, cartilage regeneration, bone tissue regeneration, dental regeneration, biomedical imaging, tissue adhesives and biosensors
• Includes a chapter about nanotoxicology to help readers further understand the biocompatability of nanomaterials

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  • Therapeutic Nanomaterials PDF