Atlas of Descriptive Histology

Atlas of Descriptive Histology PDF

Atlas of Descriptive Histology PDF


The Atlas of Descriptive Histology is the most comprehensive histology atlas available. It covers all tissues and organs, each subject prefaced by introductory boxed text. Full-color high-resolution micrographs, gathered from colleagues both domestic and international, provide superb image quality. By showing images of the same area at successively increasing magnifications, the book provides students with an experience similar to that they would get from an actual microscope. Careful descriptions of each micrograph include those details a student should be able to recognize. Each copy of the Atlas of Descriptive Histology includes an access code that gives the student a subscription to the textbook’s Companion Website. The site features a flexible image viewer that allows the student to view any of the micrographs in the book. Features of the image viewer include: * Each micrograph from each plate in the textbook is provided separately. * A zoom tool allows the student to view the micrograph at either low resolution or high resolution providing greatly increased detail. * Labels and leaders can each be displayed or hidden independently. * A self-quiz mode allows the student to test themselves on structure identification. * Each micrograph can be downloaded for incorporation into student notes or presentations.

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  • Atlas of Descriptive Histology PDF

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