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Hemorrhagic Stroke 2016

Hemorrhagic Stroke 2016 PDF

Hemorrhagic Stroke 2016 PDF
Author Megon Phillips Aesch
File size 4.27 MB
Year 2016
Pages 252
Language English
File format PDF

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Book Description

Author Megon Phillips Aesch was a thirty-four-year-old career-oriented horticulturist with a good business and a great husband. They had dreams goals and focus. They had a plan and then disaster struck hit with a blow beyond imagination. Megon suffered a stroke caused by an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). It transformed her from a strong-willed independent business woman to a patient in a wheelchair requiring a great deal of assistance.

In I Tied My Shoes Today Megon shares her story in conjunction with her husband Jim who kept a journal while she was incapacitated and recovering from the stroke. It tells how she and her family faced the challenges of a traumatic injury to her brain—the setbacks the triumphs and the life-and-death decisions that were encountered for almost two years.

A story about love growth disaster and renewal I Tied My Shoes Today narrates the gamut of emotions and events in Megon’s pursuit to return to her former self. It also tells about the symptoms and causes of stroke and describes the practices and the policies the medical profession follows.

Hemorrhagic Stroke 2016 PDF Hemorrhagic Stroke 2016 PDF Free Download Hemorrhagic Stroke 2016 PDF Ebook