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Women in Academic Psychiatry 2017

Women in Academic Psychiatry 2017 : A Mind to Succeed

Women in Academic Psychiatry 2017 PDF

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Women in Academic Psychiatry 2017 PDF


This text comprises of sixteen first-person narratives from some of the most influential women in psychiatry about why they went into the field what they attribute to success and how they overcame their challenges. The second part of this text analyzes the themes brought to light in the narrative and discusses strategies for success. Though several of the chapters target issues that women in academic psychiatry may not have a resource for several of the chapters discuss challenges that both men and women face including strategic actions and decisions and the time investment necessary for a successful career in academic psychiatry. The topics are relevant to medical professionals at every level of their career who are or work with women in the field. Women in Academic Psychiatry is a unique resource for the professional woman in psychiatry psychology medical school for men who face particular career challenges in academic medicine or are cultivating young women who are eager to succeed.