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Infectious Diseases 2-Volume Set 4th Edition PDF

Infectious Diseases 2-Volume Set (4th Edition) by Jonathan Cohen – 2017 Release

Infectious Diseases 2-Volume Set 4th Edition PDF

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Infectious Diseases 2-Volume Set 4th Edition PDF


Drs. Cohen Powderly and Opal three of the most-respected names in infectious disease medicine lead a diverse team of international contributors to bring you the latest knowledge and best practices. Extensively updated the fourth edition includes brand-new information on advances in diagnosis of infection; Hepatitis C; managing resistant bacterial infections; and many other timely topics. An abundance of photographs and illustrations; a practical clinically-focused style; highly-templated organization; and robust interactive content combine to make this clinician-friendly resource the fastest and best place to find all of the authoritative current information you need.

Hundreds of full-color photographs and figures provide unparalleled visual guidance.

Consistent chapter organization and colorful page layouts make for quick searches.
Clinically-focused guidance from “Practice Points” demonstrates how to diagnose and treat complicated problems encountered in practice.
The “Syndromes by Body System” “HIV and AIDS” and “International Medicine” sections are designed to reflect how practicing specialists think when faced with a patient.

Over 100 Self-Assessment test questions online help study for certification and recertification.

Sweeping updates include new or revised chapters on:

Hepatitis C and antivirals
Fungal infection and newer antifungals
Microbiome and infectious diseases as well as advances in diagnosis of infection; Clostridium difficile epidemiology; infection control in the ICU setting; Chlamydia trachomatis infection; acquired syndromes associated with autoantibodies to cytokines;; management of multidrug resistant pathogens; probiotics polymyxins and the pathway to developing new antibiotics
HIV including HIV and aging antiretroviral therapy in developing countries and cure for HIV.

Online Antimicrobial pharmacokinetics mannequin as well an all new HIV medicine mannequin are a useful visual source of treatment information

Advance clinically with practical innovative highly visual guidance that allows you to effectively treat and manage all your patients’ diseases.