Instant Neurological Diagnosis

Instant Neurological Diagnosis PDF

Instant Neurological Diagnosis PDF


Instant Neurological Diagnosis: A Companion to Neurobowl® is available as an enhanced edition. Your purchase of the print version includes free personal access to accompanying digital media in the online version via Oxford Medicine Online. By activating your unique access code, you can discover more than 150 videos and view and enlarge 375 high resolution images.

Instant Neurological Diagnosis: A Companion to Neurobowl© brings rapid neurological diagnosis blended into a unique format, complementing the annual Neurobowl© competition at the American Academy of Neurology conference. This book teaches neurologists to make a rapid diagnosis, by looking for clues starting from a patient’s appearance all the way down to a directed and precise examination.

The authors present a series of short cuts to best determine the nature of a disorder; some derive from clinical observations while others have been shown at previous Neurobowl© competitions. These diagnostic shortcuts that the authors call “Handles” are features that might permit a rapid diagnosis . Conversely “Red Flags” are observations that should warn a clinician to reconsider and think of an alternative solution.

Highly illustrated with figures, tables, and video clips throughout, Instant Neurological Diagnosis: A Companion to Neurobowl© is an ideal guide for enhancing clinical acumen and better patient management. This book is a perfect companion for any medical practitioner, from neurologists in training to specialists.

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  • Instant Neurological Diagnosis PDF

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