Addiction at Work PDF

Addiction at Work PDF Free Download

Addiction at Work PDF Free Download

This is a book that focuses on perhaps the most important issue that affects our lives, work. What we do for work, and where we do it not only affects our self-esteem, in many ways it also acts to define the lives of those closest to us.
Many people drift into a job, and stay there simply because it is safe, or at least feels safe.
Other people do feel a sense of being drawn to particular areas of work, either through an instinctual sense of what feels right for them, or as a consequence of some type of personal development or self-help work they may have done.
This book does not look at work in the way that a job hunters manual will do, but rather looks at work as being an expression of our inner world, our basic creative spirit. The whole world of personal transformation work can often seem a bit idealistic, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
It does however need to be grounded in the area where power and change really lie, which is within you. Understanding that self-growth comes about through self awareness and self acceptance is really important, not through trying to force solutions that you don’t have power over.
This book also looks at the practicalities of being in a job that you feel is grim or unbearable, and offers some stress management techniques to help you buy yourself time while hopefully moving in a different direction.
It is also important to look at the nature of work in a way that can best be described as spiritual. The word spiritual can mean many things to many people. In this context it is really asking you to be open to your inner world, and ask yourself the question “ What brings you alive as a person, and what deadens you as a person’

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