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Biofluid Mechanics Second Edition

Biofluid Mechanics Second Edition PDF

Biofluid Mechanics Second Edition PDF


Designed for senior undergraduate or first-year graduate students in biomedical engineering, Biofluid Mechanics: The Human Circulation, Second Edition teaches students how fluid mechanics is applied to the study of the human circulatory system. Reflecting changes in the field since the publication of its predecessor, this second edition has been extensively revised and updated.

New to the Second Edition

  • Improved figures and additional examples
  • More problems at the end of each chapter
  • A chapter on the computational fluid dynamic analysis of the human circulation, which reflects the rapidly increasing use of computational simulations in research and clinical arenas

Drawing on each author’s experience teaching courses on cardiovascular fluid mechanics, the book begins with introductory material on fluid and solid mechanics as well as a review of cardiovascular physiology pertinent to the topics covered in subsequent chapters. The authors then discuss fluid mechanics in the human circulation, primarily applied to blood flow at the arterial level. They also cover vascular implants and measurements in the cardiovascular system.

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