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Cañadell’s Pediatric Bone Sarcomas Second Edition

Cañadell’s Pediatric Bone Sarcomas: Epiphysiolysis before Excision Second Edition

Cañadell’s Pediatric Bone Sarcomas Second Edition PDF

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Cañadell’s Pediatric Bone Sarcomas Second Edition PDF


The second edition of this well-received book reflects the state of the art in surgery for malignant bone tumors in children with a particular focus on epiphysiolysis before excision. With a thorough update new chapters a clear presentation of tips and tricks to address complications as well as supplementary online videos and tutorials this book addresses the challenges of limb preservation that are posed to the surgeon in this new era of cancer treatment characterized by higher survival rates and longer survival times.
The authors are experienced practitioners of Cañadell’s technique but the book also explores thanks to the focused contributions of experts from other fields of medicine a range of topics from the molecular biology and histological aspects of bone tumors to the use of imaging techniques and surgical options for epiphyseal preservation.
Abundant illustrations and accounts of clinical results make this book an indispensable guide for orthopedic surgeons and pediatric oncologists and give the book an interdisciplinary appeal to practitioners in more general orthopedics oncology pediatrics and surgery.