Get Fit Stay Fit Seventh Edition

Get Fit Stay Fit Seventh Edition

Get Fit Stay Fit Seventh Edition PDF

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Get Fit Stay Fit Seventh Edition PDF


Develop your own PERSONAL fitness & WELLNESS program!

Learn how to take control of your own well-being.

Get Fit Stay Fit 7th Edition and work together to show you how to create a complete fitness and wellness program you can follow from beginning to end or refer to whenever you need expert advice. You’ll find both the motivation and scientific knowledge you need to develop your own personal plan for healthy living and to make physical activity an integral part of that plan. You’ll also explore the roles of stress management sleep and nutrition in achieving your goals.

Get Fit Stay Fit 7th Edition

Now in full color the 7th Edition of this popular text introduces you to the diverse range of physical fitness activities that can become a part of healthy living at any level of ability.

This immersive multi-media online learning platform lets you develop your own personal fitness and wellness program independently or as part of a class. It offers activities and exercise to guide you every step of the way along with full-color videos that demonstrate every exercise in the text.

An access code inside new printed texts unlocks for you.

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