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HeartMath Brain Fitness Program

HeartMath Brain Fitness Program PDF

HeartMath Brain Fitness Program PDF


Your Brain Fitness Companion:

emWave and Inner Balance

As you practice on the go, or at your computer, you increase your heart-brain synchronization and your ability to take charge of your mental and emotional reactions and stress. Mental clarity and intuition, communications, relationships and quality of life all improve.

Praise for HeartMath and Brain Fitness

“We hace had great success using HeartMath’s TestEdge Program with thousands of our students in middle and high school and we are very excited about being able to give out elementary students the same advantage.”

— Kathy Reutman Bryant, executive director, student services, Boone County Schools, Kentucky

“Typically, I introduce the emWave Desktop as a primary intervention to assist students in developing the self-management skills needed to cope with stress. I find it very useful because it offers visual feedback. Students see the result of their actions. And it is so easy to use.”

— Vern Russell, director of Student Counseling Services, Auburn University, Auburn, Ala.


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