Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy

Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy PDF

Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy PDF


Praise for Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy

“From the wisdom of ancient cultures to modern neuroscience, theauthors skillfully create a bridge of understanding between thepractice of meditation, yoga, and psychotherapy. The Simpkins areat their best in describing how everyone can learn to integratetheir own brain, body, and mind to facilitate a creative synchronyof healing and well-being.”
Kathryn Rossi, PhD Coeditor, Collected Works ofMilton H. Erickson: The Nature of Therapeutic Hypnosis

“This reader-friendly text is directed toward therapists andhealthcare workers who are considering incorporating yoga andmeditation into their work. These technologies are time-honored andappear to have beneficial effects on contemporary clients andpatients. Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy serves as aninformative introduction to these¿practices, and explains howa therapist might integrate such practices into their work. Thechapters on neuroscience research and healthy aging are unique inbooks of this nature, and the discussion of alleviating depressionalone is worth the price of the book.”
Stanley Krippner, PhDProfessor of Psychology,Saybrook UniversityCoauthor, Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSDin War Veterans

A thoughtful and pragmatic guide for integrating meditationand yoga techniques into traditional psychotherapy

Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy is an inspiring”how-to” guide grounded in the neuroscientific and clinicalevidence that supports the use of meditation and other yogapractices to improve clients’ mental health.

Drawing from the authors’ decades of practice, teaching, andwriting, this inspiring book is focused on applying meditation,yoga, and Zen to therapy, with discussion of:

  • The latest neuroscience findings, showing how the brain andlarger nervous system are altered by yoga methods

  • Philosophical and psychological principles upon which yoga isbased

  • The how, when, and why for use of specific techniques withcommon psychological problems

  • Fundamental stretching exercises and meditation techniques

Filled with vivid case examples and writings from renowned yogamasters, Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy encourages atherapeutic process in which clients move their attention fromoutside concerns to inner mindfulness. With a range of techniquesthat embrace the diversity and uniqueness of clients, this bookoffers methods to creatively individualize techniques for a widevariety of presenting problems.

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  • Meditation and Yoga in Psychotherapy PDF

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