Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation PDF: From Impairment to Participation

Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation PDF
Author Marcia Finlayson
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Year 2017
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Book Description

“MS is always in the back of your mind. If there is something you want to do you always wonder if the MS will allow you do to it.”
―Darlene living with MS for 22 years

Living with multiple sclerosis (MS) is challenging and multidimensional. MS pervades all aspects of life: one’s body becomes unpredictable and unreliable one’s identity and sense of self are tested and relationships with others often change. MS symptoms emerge and remit; limitations evolve and progress. MS rehabilitation is an active person-centered and goal-oriented process embedded within a respectful and collaborative partnership between the person with MS and the members of his or her rehabilitation treatment team.

Using the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (ICF) as a guiding framework Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation: From Impairment to Participation provides a comprehensive and evidence-based resource to inform and guide clinical reasoning and decision making during each phase of the MS rehabilitation process from initial referral to post-discharge follow-up. With an emphasis on the application of evidence throughout the entire MS rehabilitation process the specific objectives of the book are to increase the understanding of:

  • The nature and impact of specific impairments activity limitations and participation restrictions experienced by people with MS
  • How to select and use valid reliable and relevant assessment tools to inform the development of rehabilitation goals and intervention plans and to evaluate outcomes
  • This book provides information about the nature and impact of MS on the daily lives of people living with the disease describes evidence-based assessment processes and instruments and summarizes current knowledge that can inform goal setting and intervention planning. Thoughtful application of the knowledge contained in this book will inform and guide rehabilitation providers to work collaboratively with people with MS and enable them to achieve their goals for participation in everyday life.

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