No Apparent Distress

No Apparent Distress PDF: A Doctor’s Coming-of-Age on the Front Lines of American Medicine

No Apparent Distress PDF
Author Rachel Pearson MD
File size 1.92 MB
Year 2017
Pages 272
Language English
File format PDF

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Book Description

A brutally frank memoir about doctors and patients in a health care system that puts the poor at risk.

In medical charts the term “N.A.D.” (No Apparent Distress) is used for patients who appear stable. The phrase also aptly describes America’s medical system when it comes to treating the underprivileged. Medical students learn on the bodies of the poor―and the poor suffer from their mistakes.

Rachel Pearson confronted these harsh realities when she started medical school in Galveston Texas. Pearson herself from a working-class background remains haunted by the suicide of a close friend experiences firsthand the heartbreak of her own errors in a patient’s care and witnesses the ruinous effects of a hurricane on a Texas town’s medical system. In a free clinic where the motto is “All Are Welcome Here” she learns how to practice medicine with love and tenacity amidst the raging injustices of a system that favors the rich and the white. No Apparent Distress is at once an indictment of American health care and a deeply moving tale of one doctor’s coming-of-age.

No Apparent Distress PDF No Apparent Distress PDF Free Download No Apparent Distress PDF Ebook

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