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Pediatric Homicide PDF

Pediatric Homicide PDF Free Download

Pediatric Homicide PDF Free Download

Pediatric homicide investigations are clouded by a number of factors, not the least of which is a lack of straightforward resources. The cause of death in infants and children is often subtle and difficult to establish. Designed for quick access, Pediatric Homicide: Medical Investigation provides an invaluable resource for medical examiners, police, child abuse investigators, and attorneys charged with either making or ruling out the diagnosis of homicide.

Focusing on forensic pathology aspects, this book covers the causes of death which are most difficult to determine, including:

  • head injury

  • asphyxiation

  • drowning

  • abdominal trauma

  • poisoning

  • starvation and dehydration

With contributions by a team of expert pathologists, the book provides a scientific foundation for diagnosing homicide, discusses methods to determine the timing of injuries and death, and reviews the legal requirements for presenting evidence in court. More than 100 photographs enhance the text and clarify the source of injury in these difficult cases.

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