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Stroke For Dummies PDF

Stroke For Dummies PDF Free Download

Stroke For Dummies PDF Free Download

Features tons of advice for recovery and rehabilitation

Get the latest on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment ofstroke

Have questions and concerns about strokes? This reassuring guideprovides invaluable information for stroke victims and their lovedones, from what a stroke is and what it feels like to proventreatments and therapies. You’ll see how to implement a plan forpreventing stroke, treat the lingering effects of stroke, andmaximize home caregiver effectiveness while minimizing fatigue.

Discover how to:

  • Understand what causes different types of stroke
  • Recognize warning signs
  • Get the most out of doctors and hospitals
  • Speed recovery with the best treatments
  • Help prevent future strokes
  • Decide the best living arrangements after stroke
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  • Stroke For Dummies PDF