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Tinnitus PDF Free Download

Tinnitus PDF Free Download


If you suffer from tinnitus, there is so much hope! There may not be a cure, but you can get to a place where it stops bothering you and dramatically improve your quality of life.

This is not your typical tinnitus book offering some “miracle cure”. It’s about changing your emotional, physical, and psychological response to the sound, with actionable techniques and specific exercises, so you can finally start to tune it out.

It’s about tracking your diet, lifestyle, environment, and health to identify exactly what causes your tinnitus to spike. It’s about improving your overall health, getting better sleep, and reducing the massive amounts of stress and anxiety that tinnitus sufferers deal with on a daily basis.

Too many people have been told they just have to “live with it.”

Too many people have been let down by emotionless doctors and “conventional” or “false” treatments.

Too many people have suffered for far too long.

It’s time for a change.

It’s time you found relief.

Glenn Schweitzer was 24 years old when a rare, incurable inner ear disorder caused him to develop severe tinnitus. It disrupted nearly every aspect of his life. But today, his tinnitus no longer bothers him at all. Completely by accident, he stumbled on to simple techniques that radically rewired his mental, emotional, and physiological response to the sound. 

Through Glenn’s terrifying, yet inspiring story, and with dozens of actionable techniques and tools, you can finally find the relief you deserve, too. You will learn specific techniques to reduce your tinnitus, as well as concrete steps to dramatically improve your quality of life. It may not go away entirely, but it can stop bothering you. 

There isn’t a cure for tinnitus, but there is a way forward. You can live in harmony with the sound.

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