2030 The Future of Medicine PDF

2030 The Future of Medicine PDF Free Download

2030 The Future of Medicine PDF Free Download

What will medicine be like in the future? The author, an accomplished medical business analyst, software developer and medical system implementer as well as a patient advocate, draws on his years of experience in healthcare to offer an ideal view of medicine in 2030. His ideas will assist physicians in doing their job, particularly in the new ways they will need to work in the future, without increasing their burden and while protecting patient medical information from misuse. In the future’s highly improved version of today’s medical industry, a patient’s complete medical information will be available to all physicians caring for the patient including a complete list of medications. Detailed summarized disease histories for all patients including outcomes of their medical treatments will make it possible to pick the best possible interventions for other patients, and accountability will be improved by keeping complete records on medical successes and failures of caregivers. Suggestions are made for support of anticipated changes in the practice of medicine including the increase in use of personalized medicine and of the genome. These and many other common-sense, but never utilized solutions to the problems plaguing medicine today make this book a must-read for doctors, patients and all those in the medical community.

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  • 2030 The Future of Medicine PDF

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