Biomedical Device Technology Second Edition

Biomedical Device Technology Second Edition PDF

Biomedical Device Technology Second Edition PDF


The design and functional complexity of medical devices and systems has increased during the past half century, evolving from the level of cardiac pacemakers to magnetic resonance imaging devices. Such life-saving advancements are monumentally advantageous, but with so much at stake, a step-by-step manual for biomedical engineers is essential. This edition of a bestselling textbook utilizes a strong design perspective to provide designers with a thorough overview of the field, including topics related to databases, process analysis, and device improvement.

Covers All Necessary Design Aspects for Advanced Biomedical Projects

Designed primarily for senior bioengineering students in the formative stages of planning their design project, Design of Biomedical Devices and Systems is also beneficial to graduate students in the field and practitioners working with medical devices. This standard-setting resource includes:

  • A variety of open-ended design problems and examples
  • An overview of device definitions and reliability
  • A discussion of testing and hardware verification and validation principles
  • Detailed photographs and illustrations within each chapter

Systematic approaches to device development and maintenance are mandated to ensure safe and effective devices for the patient, an economical and competitive success for the manufacturer, and a reliable, cost-effective investment for the user. This authoritative textbook answers the call.

A solutions manual is available for instructors wishing to convert this reference to classroom use.

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