Food Law for Public Health PDF

Food Law for Public Health PDF Free Download

Food Law for Public Health PDF Free Download

Food and its many aspects — production, consumption, marketing, labeling, procurement, safety — have become a mainstay of both popular discourse and the practice of public health. As topics such as GMO labeling, food-borne illness outbreaks, soda bans, and food taxes have come to the forefront of the public and academic conscious, understanding the legal underpinnings of these issues is vital.

Food Law for Public Health is the first book on food law written specifically for a public health audience without a legal background. It offers comprehensive coverage of every aspect of food law:

· Established and newer food law issues in the United States
· Overview of US law, plus federal, state, and local governments’ authorities and limitations to address food for public health
· Controversial topics related to food marketing, food labeling, and the various regulatory concerns over food safety
· Federal nutrition programs and guidelines
· Litigation among the food industry, consumers, and the government

Food Law for Public Health offers necessary grounding in food law for audiences in public health, nutrition, food studies, policy, or anyone with a professional interest in this increasingly important area. With clear writing and thought-provoking questions and exercises for classroom discussion, it is an ideal tool for learning and teaching.

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