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Supervision and Agency Management for Counselors

Supervision and Agency Management for Counselors PDF

Supervision and Agency Management for Counselors PDF
Author Elizabeth O’Brien PhD LPC
File size 1.53 MB
Year 2015
Pages 232
Language English
File format PDF

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Book Description

In their text O’Brien and Hauser provide a practical guide for navigating the career opportunities of a clinical mental health counselor. Counselor trainees transitioning into their first clinical jobs will greatly benefit from the descriptions of how agencies function and what to expect in community positions. Moreover for counselors further along in their careers seeking more leadership roles in the profession this text is a must read for expanding their role as a supervisor.”

óElizabeth Prosek PhD University of North Texas

Integrates and fosters effective leadership/management and supervisory skills

The development of competency in management and leadership skills as well as clinical supervisory skills is of increasing importance to professional counselors who seek advancement in their careers. This is the first text to integrate both the clinical supervision and agency management skills needed by counselors who are training to work in mental health services settings. Highly practical and comprehensive it brings together the critical leadership responsibilities of clinical supervision and agency management into one reader-friendly text. The book distills the wisdom of specialists in each subject area and is replete with in-depth information that is often not sufficiently addressed in graduate programs.

The book provides a solid foundation for counselors planning to supervise clinicians working with individuals and groups attain leadership positions within an agency or open their own professional practice. It encompasses key information about supervisory roles and responsibilities ethics multicultural issues evaluation and due-process procedures along with administrative issues such as agency leadership budgeting information management crisis management and quality-improvement practices. Also included is practical information on networking and marketing in the community. Featuring case vignettes throughout this book describes typical challenges faced during the transition to a leadership role and how to develop effective supervisory skills. End-of-chapter questions for reflection and discussion also help to make this an ideal text for courses in administration and supervision of mental health services as well as a valuable resource for internship students. Examples of commonly used documents such as contracts and evaluation forms further add to the book’s utility.

Key Features:

  • Integrates management and leadership skills with clinical supervisory skills√≥the first text to unite these interrelated topics
  • Trains mental health counselors in skills necessary for leadership in agencies or large private practices
  • Supports CACREP standards for supervision and management of mental health services and programs
  • Includes samples of relevant paperwork (contracts evaluation forms etc.)
  • Provides real-world examples through vignettes as well as reflective questions

Supervision and Agency Management for Counselors PDF Supervision and Agency Management for Counselors PDF Free Download Supervision and Agency Management for Counselors PDF Ebook