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Eating Disorders in Special Populations PDF

Eating Disorders in Special Populations PDF: Medical Nutritional and Psychological Treatments

Eating Disorders in Special Populations
Author Jonna Fries
File size 5.03 MB
Year 2017
Pages 372
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description:
Medical providers, psychotherapists, dieticians and nutritionists, body workers, practitioners of eastern medicines, coaches and trainers, advisors, eating disorder sufferers, family members, and more will benefit from the depth and breadth of information within these pages. Internationally respected leaders in the field of eating disorders have collaborated to present the latest information on eating disorders in special populations. Imagine a multifaceted diamond representing a person with an eating disorder, with each facet representing a different way to view the person, the problem, and a sophisticated method to restore the sufferer to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Now imagine treating a sufferer by shining light through only one facet; then, re-imagine treating someone with brilliant light entering through all the facets. Collectively, our trailblazing authors represent a highly valuable spectrum of cutting-edge perspectives. The goal of this text is to demonstrate that there is no “typical” person who suffers from an eating disorder, to emphasize that this disease affects a broad diversity of subgroups, each with unique needs and challenges, and to lend guidance in the treatment of special populations. You may notice a consistent theme in that often there is a call for more research, which is needed to fully understand and provide informed treatment to these special populations. However, it is our hope that this text will bring a deeper understanding of a multidisciplinary approach to treatment planning in a culturally sensitive way. Eating disorders are notoriously complex in terms of etiology, mind–body complications, and requirements in the healing process. We know that we cannot treat eating disorders from our professional silos. While it is impossible to be an expert in every discipline, when we understand various approaches to healing and open our minds to learn from one another, we can better develop effective interventions, develop relevant research protocols, and, most importantly, maintain our compassion for the suffering on the often long and arduous journey to healing. Our hope is that readers will have a better capacity to shine the light through all facets in order to provide the most effective and best tailored treatment possible.

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