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A Primer of Anesthesia

A Primer of Anesthesia PDF

A Primer of Anesthesia PDF


It is a comprehensive accessible guide to general and local anesthesia, with the substance and depth of a textbook. Covers clinical aspects of preoperative evaluation and administration of anesthesia for postoperative pain management of the critically ill surgical and medical patients on various life-support systems. Presents essential aspects, theoretical details with illustrations, photographs and line drawings. Provides clinical reference in cardiac anesthesia with complete information on drugs, monitoring cardio pulmonary bypass, circulatory support and anesthetic management of cardiac disorders. Section 1 THE PREOPERATIVE PERIOD, 1. Intravenous Anesthesic Agents and Opioids, 2. Inhalational Anesthetic Agents, 3. Physiology of Neuromuscular Blockade and Neuromuscular Pharmacology, 4. The Anesthesia Machine, 5. Preoperative Evaluation of patients, SECTION 2 THE INTRAOPERATIVE PERIOD, 6. Monitoring the Patient Under Anesthesia, 7. Vascular Cannulation, 8. Airway Management, 9. Neuraxial (Spinal and Epidural) Blockade, 10. Peripheral Nerve Blocks, 11. Fluid Therapy and Transfusion, SECTION 3. THE POSTOPERATIVE PERIOD, 12. Post-anesthesia Care, 13. Oxygen Therapy, 14. Infection and the Anesthesiologist, SECTION 4 CRITICAL CARE, 15. Care of the Patient in the ICU, 16. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

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