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Introduction to Biotechnology 3rd Edition

Introduction to Biotechnology 3rd Edition PDF

Introduction to Biotechnology 3rd Edition PDF


It is hard to imagine a more exciting time to be studying biotechnology. Advances are occurring at a dizzying pace, and biotechnology has made an impact on many aspects of our everyday lives. Now in its third edition, Introduction to Biotechnology remains the first biotechnology textbook written specifically for the diverse backgrounds of undergraduate students. Appropriate for students at both 2- and 4-year and vocational technical schools, Introduction to Biotechnology provides students with the tools for practical success in the biotechnology industry through its balanced coverage of molecular biology, details on contemporary techniques and applications, integration of ethical issues, and career guidance. Introduction to Biotechnology was designed with several major goals in mind.
The text aims to provide:
■ An engaging and easy-to-understand narrative that is appropriate for a diverse student audience with varying levels of scientific knowledge.
■ Assistance to instructors teaching all major areas of biotechnology and help to students learning fundamental scientific concepts without overwhelming and excessive detail.
■ An overview of historic applications while emphasizing modern, cutting-edge, and emerging areas of biotechnology.
■ Insights on how biotechnology applications can provide some of the tools to solve important scientific and societal problems for the benefit of humankind and the environment.
■ Inspiration for students to ponder the many ethical issues associated with biotechnology.

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  • Introduction to Biotechnology 3rd Edition PDF