MCQs for Dentistry 3rd Edition PDF

MCQs for Dentistry 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

MCQs for Dentistry 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

Multiple choice questions have been used for many years as a way of testing a candidate’s knowledge and recall of information. Over the years, they have been in and out of vogue but a lot of courses have seen a resurgence in their usage recently. The cynics amongst you may think that MCQs are popular because they are easy to mark. Whatever the reason, they are an accepted and frequently used method of testing knowledge. The MCQs in this book are of the “true/false” variety. The questions will start with a statement or stem followed by a group of phrases. You need to mark each statement as to whether you think it is true or false. Each phrase is independent of the others in the group and there can be any combination of true and false phrases in a question. The aim is to get as many marks as possible so it is necessary to know how the questions are going to be marked. For example, if negative marking is used then you receive a mark for each correct answer and have a mark deducted for each wrong answer. This is important to know as guessing in this type of test will cause you to lose marks. However, if there is no negative marking it is possible to guess answers without losing marks.

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  • MCQs for Dentistry 3rd Edition PDF

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