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Caring for the Dying Patient and the Family PDF

Caring for the Dying Patient and the Family PDF Free Download

Caring for the Dying Patient and the Family PDF Free Download

This third edition of a popular textbook has been completely revised by the joint editors, Janet Moscrop and Joy Robbins. As in previous editions, the focus is on the person dying at home, in residential care or in hospital and the emphasis is on teamwork in caring for the individual and their relatives and friends. Experts in all aspects of care have contributed to this complete revision of the previous text and each chapter is written by a different member of the multiprofessional team. The chapter on the terminal care of people suffering from AIDS has been enlarged and consideration is also given to care of those in the term­ inal stages of other non-malignant diseases. Other new material includes chapters on complementary therapy, the use of the day centre, the value of volunteers, diversional therapy and respite care. The chapter on bereavement covers many aspects of grief and loss and there is a sensitive approach to the need for supporting staff in this spe­ cialized work. Consideration is also given to the needs of dying and griev­ ing people from differing ethnic backgrounds with varying cultural expectations in a pluralistic society. The third edition offers a broad overview of the support given to the dying person and the carers by medical and nursing staff, physiothera­ pists, pharmacists, social workers, the chaplaincy and members of the pastoral care team. Students of all these disciplines should find this book both readable and informative.