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Common Conditions in Gynaecology

Common Conditions in Gynaecology PDF : A Problem-Solving Approach

Common Conditions in Gynaecology  PDF

Common Conditions in Gynaecology: A problem-solving approach is not meant to be a fully comprehensive gynrecological text although the majority of conditions, particularly those occurring commonly, are well covered. The emphasis of this book is in dealing with problems rather than learning pathologies. This book advocates a patient-centred ap­ proach to the discussion, diagnosis and management of conditions presenting as gynrecological problems. The emphasis throughout is on the acquiring of clinical skill rather than the storage of facts. The authors acknowledge of course that some factual information is neces­ sary, but only to provide the basis upon which to build the clinical and communicative skills that are now well recognized as the major goals of a medical education. No book can ever replace the experience gained in the clinic and at the bedside, this book aims to complement and indeed foster a true clinical learning mode. We hope that all who have an interest in caring for and learning more about women with gynrecological problems might find this book of value