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Essential of Tuberculosis in Children 4th Edition

Essential of Tuberculosis in Children 4th Edition PDF

Essential of Tuberculosis in Children 4th Edition PDF


This new edition provides the pediatricians a thorough understanding of the concepts about the epidemiology, microbiology, immunopathegenesis, pathology, clinical spectrum, laboratory and radiodiagnosis, management, prevention and control of tuberculosis in children.
Contains seven sections spread by 44 chapters adding a number of new chapters, contributed by specialists in their respective field.
In the management section, the chapters on antituberculosis drugs have been completely revised and updated to facilitate the readers to understand various regimens used in the clinical specrtrum of TB in children specially HIV/TB coinfection and MDR-TB.
Pharmacokinetics of all antituberculosis drugs has been updated from literature review and chapter on lacunae and experience of DOTS in the management of children has been included.
Chapters on research priorities and ethics involved in clinical trial will facilitate pediatricians to write high quality scientific projects on TB in children to have research grant from funding agencies.
A chapter exclusively for how to organize a TB/HIV clinic for pediatrics has been elucidated with detailed case record forms and instruction for the junior doctors attending the clinic to achieve goal in this direction.