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Making Sense of the ECG 3rd Edition

Making Sense of the ECG 3rd Edition PDF

Making Sense of the ECG 3rd Edition PDF


Electrocardiography is one of the most common investigations performed by physicians, surgeons, general practitioners, nursing staff and paramedics. For cardiologists or those who read ECGs every day, pattern recognition in ECGs can become fairly straightforward; for most others even basic ECGs can present problems. If you are a non-expert, a trainee, or simply lack confidence in reliably interpreting ECGs, Making Sense of the ECG is designed for you.
Find answers to the following important questions:
·How do I interpret this ECG?
·Are these abnormalities significant?
·How do I distinguish between VT and SVT?
·Has this patient had a myocardial infarction?
·How do I measure a QT interval?
·Should I refer this patient to a cardiologist?
·Or, simply, what should I do next?