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234 Jaypee Bros. Medical Books Collection

234 Jaypee Bros. Medical Books Collection PDF

234 Jaypee Bros. Medical Books Collection PDF
With great salute and sincere thanks to the Authors, Printers, Publishers & Original Up loader for their hard work, TLS KNOWLEDGE BANK – “Own your Library” PROUDLY SHARES “234 Jaypee Bros. Medical Books” for the educational purpose only to the Medical Students, Professors, Lecturers, Medical Professionals, Surgeons & PhDs in the poor, under developed and developing countries.1. Cardiology – 17 Books:Bedside Approach to Electrocardiography – Gami NK
Bedside Cardiology – Achyut Sarkar
Cardiac Biomarkers Expert Advice for Clinicians – Alan S Maisel
Clinical Diagnosis Cardiovascular System, 2nd Edition – Rajendran S
Clinical Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease – M Satpathy, BR Mishra
Comprehensive Cardiology – S Uma Devi
Coronary Artery Disease Risk Promoters, Pathophysiology and Prevention – Gundu HR Rao, S Thanikachalam
ECG Made Easy® 4th & 3rd Edition – Atul Luthra
Echo Made Easy® 3rd & 2nd Edition – Atul Luthra
Manual of Cardiology – V Jacob Jose
Pediatric Cardiology, 2nd Edition – ML Kulkarni
Pocket Tutor ECG Interpretation – Simon James, Katharine Nelson
Practical Cardiotocography – AK Debdas
Preventive Cardiology – T Bhaskar Rao, V Kesava
Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease – M Satpathy, BR Mishra
Step by Step Echocardiography in Congenital Heart Diseases – IB Vijayalakshmi
Tips and Tricks of Bedside Cardiology – Atul Luthra2. Endocrinology – 8 Books:

Diabetes Mellitus – S Shanmugam
Diabetic Foot A Clinical Atlas – Sharad Pendsey
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series® Diabetes – SN Chugh
Practical Paediatric Endocrinology – Anurag Bajpai, Jyoti Sharma, PSN Menon
Step by Step® Diabetiology – Sudip Chatterjee, Sanjay Chatterjee, Kaushik Pandit
Step by Step® Management of Diabetes – PG Raman, LC Gupta
Textbook of Endocrinology – Mala Dharmalingam
Type 2 Diabetes in South Asian Epidemiology, Risk Factors and Prevention – V Mohan, Gundu HR Rao Kashif

3. Gastroenterology – 7 Books:

Bedtime Gastroenterology – Manoj K Ghoda
Comprehensive Textbook of Hepatitis B – Mamun-Al-Mahtab (Shwapnil), SM Fazle Akbar, Salimur Rahman
Gastrointestinal Surgery Made Easy – S Devaji Rao
Gastrointestinal Surgery Step by Step Management – S Devaji Rao
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Gastrointestinal Surgery – S Devaji Rao
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series® Diagnostic Endoscopy – Mohammad Ibrarullah
Practical Gastroenterology – V Abirami Balakrishnan

4. Haematology – 12 Books:

Essential Clinical Haematology – A Manoharan, S Sethuraman
Essentials of Haematology – Shirish M Kawthalkar
Handbook of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine – Gundu HR Rao, Ted Eastlund, Latha Jagannathan
Hematology for Students and Practitioners (Including Practical Hematology) – Ramnik Sood
Hematopathology Atlas (Peripheral Smear and Bone Marrow Interpretation) – Renu Saxena, HP Pati
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series® Haematology – Shirish M Kawthalkar
Laboratory Procedures in Haematology: Manual for DMLT, Undergraduate andPostgraduate Students of Pathology – SR Mehdi
Practical Manual of Haematology – Girish Kamat
Practical Manual of Hematology – K Sri Nageswari, Anamika Kothari
Recent Advances in Hematology 2,3 – VP Choudhry, Renu Saxena, HP Pati, Manoranjan Mahapatra
Step by Step® Blood Transfusion Services: A Practical Manual on the Technical and Clinical Aspects – Kabita Chatterjee, (Lt Col) Alok Sen
Transfusion Guide for Clinicians – Kanchan Naveen Kr Bhardwaj

5. General Medicine – 80 Books:

100 Case Histories in Clinical Medicine For MRCP (PART 1) – Farrukh Iqbal
Textbook of Medicine, 5th Edition – KV Krishna Das
A Systematic Review of Subjects for PG Medical Entrance Examinations – Pradip Kumar Das
Adult Immunization (Monograph) – S.K. Sharma, R.K. Singal, A.K. Agarwal
Alternative Therapies for Medical Professionals – ND Vishnu Vignesvaran
Alternative Therapies – Swati Bhagat PT
Basic Principles of Clinical Research and Methodology – SK Gupta
Bedside Approach to Medical Therapeutics with Diagnostic Clues – NK Gami
Bedside Medicine Without Tears – SN Chugh
Biomedical Waste Disposal – Anantpreet Singh, Sukhjit Kaur
Case History and Data Interpretation in Medical Practice, 2nd Edition – ABM Abdullah
Clinical Genetics – Keya Lahiri, Mamta N Muranjan
Clinical Medicine (A Textbook of Clinical Methods and Laboratory Investigations) – KV Krishna Das, Mathew Thomas
Clinical Medicine Made Easy® – TV Devarajan, L Vijayasundaram
Clinical Practice of Common Geriatric Problems in Women – Maya Sood Khanna, Chitra Raghunandan, Usha Gupta
Common Mistakes in Clinical Medicine – Kashinath Padhiary
Communication Skills in Clinical Practice (Doctor-Patient Communication) – KR Sethuraman
Comprehensive Textbook of Sexual Medicine – Nilamadhab Kar, Gopal Chandra Kar
Computers for Doctors – Naveen Thacker
Concise Pocket Medical Dictionary 2nd & 1st Edition – Panda UN
Critical Care Update 2008 – Vineet Nayyar, John V Peter, Roop Kishen, S Srinivas
Critical Care Update 2009 – Vineet Nayyar, John V Peter, Roop Kishen, S Srinivas
Critical Care Update 2010 – Vineet Nayyar, John V Peter, Roop Kishen, S Srinivas
Diagnosis A Symptom-based Approach in Internal Medicine – CS Madgaonkar
Differential Diagnosis and Medical Therapeutics: A Treatise on Clinical Medicine, 2nd Edition – P Siva Rama Krishna Rao
Differential Diagnosis in Clinical Examination – R Deenadayalan
Diplomate National Board, 2nd Edition – Mohit Gupta, Anju Singh
Doctors in the Dock with References to Consumer Protection Act – JVN Jaiswal
Doctors Pocket Companion – PK Sasidharan
Doshi’s A to Z Series on Syndromes – Sachin M Doshi, Sanket M Doshi, Ankur M Doshi
Dr.Sunil’s One Page Solutions for General Practice – K Sunil Ravinder Paul
ECG in Medical Practice, 3rd Edition – ABM Abdullah
Emergency Medicine – Arjun Mehta
Emergency Medicine – A.K. Agarwal, R.K. Singal
Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases – Tarun Kumar Dutta, Subhash Chandra Parija, Jamini Kanta Dutta
Essentials of Clinical Medicine – Samir Kathale
Essentials of Emergency Medicine – Mabel Cordeiro Vasnaik, Shashiraj E
Essentials of Postgraduate Medicine (MD Examination Oriented Topics ) – SK Rajan, S Chandrasekar
Family Medicine—A Clinical and Applied Orientation – CS Madgaonkar
Handbook of Medicine – Naresh Kumar Gupta
Handbook of PLAB 2nd Edition – Kunal Goyal
Herbal Drugs A Twenty First Century Perspective – Rakesh K Sharma, Rajesh Arora
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series® History of Medicine – RK Marya
Hotspots in Medicine – SK Rajan
Interpretation of Common Investigations – LC Gupta, RD Chauhan, Abhishek Gupta
Long and Short Cases in Medicine, 4th Edition – UN Panda, PK Dash
Management of Thyroid Disorder Made Easy – Sujata Mitra
Manual of Medical Emergencies – LC Gupta, PG Raman
Manual of Medical Therapeutics 2nd Edition – UN Panda, PK Dash
Manual of Practical Medicine 3rd & 4th Editions – R Alagappan
Manual on Tuberculosis, HIV and Lung Diseases A Practical Approach – VK Arora
MBBS Made Easy (Second MBBS Examination), 2nd Edition – Manoj Vimal
Medical Emergencies—A Pocket Reference – Manthappa M
Medical Ethics 2nd Edition – CM Francis
Medicine for Yoga Therapists – Padiki Nagaraja Rao
Medicine Update 2009 2-Vol Set – A. K. Agarwal
Opportunities In Hospital In Health Care – Pradeep Bhardwaj
Pain Managing the Unmanageable – A Lal
Pearls in Medicine for Students: A Treasure Island in Medicine for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students – Arup Kumar Kundu
PLAB-2 (If you can, you can) – Soundararajan Sathyan, Asha Dhandapani
Pocket Manual on the Art of History Taking 2nd & 1st Edition – Shivananda Prabhu
Pocket Manual to Case Taking, 2nd Edition – Ravinder Nath Bansal
Practical Standard Prescriber, 7th Edition – LC Gupta, Kusum Gupta, Abhitabh Gupta
Principles of Assessment in Medical Education – Tejinder Singh, Anshu
Principles of Medical Education 3rd Edition – Tejinder Singh, Piyush Gupta, Daljit Singh
Revision Notes for MRCP 2 PACES – Shibley Rahman, Avinash Sharma
SANA’S Guidelines For Hospital Infection Control – Mohd Samiullah Khan
Short Review of HIV AIDS – Jeyakumar Williams, J Stella Jeyakumar
Short Textbook on PG Introductory Course in Health Sciences – G N Prabhakara
Step by Step® Clinical Examination Skills – Farrukh Iqbal
The Art of History Taking 2nd & 1st Edition- Kashinath Padhiary
The Definitive Review of Medicine for USMLE – Vineet Punia
The Protocol Book, 3rd Edition – Soumitra Kumar
Tips and Tricks for PLAB – 1 – Anbin R Inian
Towards MRCPCH Part II (Theory) Examination – Tapabrata Chatterjee, Suraj Gupte
Understanding Major Pain – A Lal
USMLE CSA Comprehensive Review – Sanjay Vinjamaram
Vitamins in Health and Disease – ML Uday Kulkarni

6. Nephrology – 4 Books:

Pediatric Nephrology, 4th Edition – RN Srivastava, Arvind Bagga
Principles and Practice of Pediatric Nephrology – B R Nammalwar, M Vijayakumar
Renal Disease—Prevention and Management—A Physician’s Perspective – OP Kalra
Textbook of Nephrology for Asian-Pacific Physicians, 2nd Edition – Anil K Mandal, Anil K Srishti Agarwal

7. Neurology – 9 Books:

Comprehensive Lectures on the Central Nervous System for Medical Students – Kumudini Mohan Ram
Craniospinal Missile Injuries – Harjinder Singh Bhatoe
Differential Diagnosis in Neurology – Rajendra B Kenkre
Movement Disorders A Clinical and Therapeutic Approach – Shyamal Kumar Das
Neurological Examination Made Easy – Rajendra Bhalchandra Kenkre
Pocket Tutor: Neurological Examination – John A Goodfellow, Neel Burton
Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders – TN Mehrotra, Kalyan B Bhattacharyya
Step by Step® Treatment of Epilepsy – PV Rai
Step by Step® Treatment of Parkinson Disease – PV Rai Mezher

8. Oncology – 13 Books:

Advances in Oncology Volume 3 – Manoj Pandey, M Krishnan Nair
Contemporary Management of Multiple Myeloma – Ravi Vij
Decision Making in Surgical Oncology – Lt. Col. (Dr) AK Tyagi, Gp. Capt. (Dr) D Rautray
Diagnosis And Management Of Cancer – Ashok Mehta, S.C. Bansal
Gallbladder Cancer – Manoj Pandey, Vijay K Shukla
Haematology for Students & Practitioners (Including Practical Haematology), 5th Edition – Ramnik Sood
Herbal Medicine: A Cancer Chemopreventive and Therapeutic Perspective – Rajesh Arora
Principles and Practice of Chemotherapy – Major Mirza Qaiser Baig
Recent Adavnces in Hematology – VP Choudhry, Renu Saxena, HP Pati
Step by Step Management of Chemo and Radiotherapy (CD ROM) – MH Krishnan
Surgical Oncology: Fundamentals, Evidence-based Approaches and New Technology – David L Bartlett, Pragatheeshwar Thirunavukarasu, Matthew D Neal
Textbook of Neonatal Hematology Oncology – MR Lokeshwar, AK Dutta, Anupam Sachdeva
The Essentials of Clinical Oncology – Robert de W. Marsh, J. Samuel William

9. Physicotherapy – 56 Books:

A Handbook of Physiotherapy
A Textbook of Sports and Exercise Physiology
Basics in Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Activities
Basics of Biomechanics
Basics of Electrotherapy 2nd Edition
Basics of Electrotherapy
Cerebral Palsy
Community Based Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities
Early Management of Cerebral Palsy Including Children with Developmental Delays
Elite Sports And Vision
Essentials of Orthopaedics for Physiotherapists
Essentials of Orthophysiotherapy for Upper and Lower Limb Fractures
Fundamentals of Physiotherapy
Handbook of Neurological Physical Therapy–Evidence-Based Practice
Handbook of Practical Chest Physiotherapy
Handbook of Practical Electrotherapy
Handbook of Practical Neurophysiotherapy
Manual of Practical Electrotherapy
MCQs in Sports Physiotherapy (With Explanatory Answers)
Medical Biochemistry for Physiotherapy Students
Occupational Therapy and Mental Health
Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation
Orthoses, Prostheses and Assistive Devices for Physiotherapists
Pharmacology for Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy Care for Women’s Health
Physiotherapy in Deformity Correction and Pain Relief Including Case Studies
Physiotherapy in Neuro-conditions
Pocket Book of Physiotherapy Management in Poliomyelitis
Pocketbook of Physiotherapy Management in Amputation
Practical Physiotherapy Prescriber
Principles and Practice of Therapeutic Massage
Principles of Exercise Prescription
Principles of Exercises in Physiotherapy
Principles of Geriatric Physiotherapy
Psychology for Physiotherapists
Sociology for Physiotherapists
Spinal Manual Therapy Made Easy®
Srimathi’s Electrotherapeutic Agents Manual
Step by Step® Practical Electrotherapy
Step by Step® Treatment of Osteoarthritis Knee
Textbook of Electrotherapy 2nd Edition
Textbook of Pharmacology for Physiotherapy
Textbook of Physiotherapy for Cardio-respiratory Cardiac Surgery and Thoracic Surgery Conditions
Textbook of Physiotherapy for Obstetric and Gynecological Conditions
Textbook of Rehabilitation
Textbook of Sociology for Physiotherapy Students
Textbook of Sports Medicine
Textbook of Therapeutic Exercises
The Pocketbook for Physiotherapists 2nd Edition
The Pocketbook for Physiotherapists
The Pocketbook of Chest Physiotherapy
Treatment of Neck and Back Pain
Understanding Osteoarthritis and its Management

10. Psychiatry – 8 Books:

A Short Textbook of Psychiatry 6th & 7th Editions – Niraj Ahuja
Approach to Geriatric Neuropsychiatric Problems – Subrata Banerjee, Kaushik Roy
Behavioural Sciences in Medical Practice 2nd Edition – Manju Mehta
Community Mental Health in India – BS Chavan
Emotional Stress: A Guide to Conquer Emotional Stress and Psychophylaxis for Immunization against Mental Illness and Cognitive Behavioral Enhancement and Therapy (CBET) – MV Vasudevan
Pocket Tutor Psychiatry – Tomasz Bajorek, Thomas Stockmann
Psychopharmacology Treatment of Psyciatric Disorders – Jambur Ananth Narayanan

11. Respiratory – 20 Books:

Bronchial Asthma in Children – A Clinical, Diagnostic and Management Primer – Keya R Lahiri
Bronchial Asthma, 2nd Edition – D Behera
Clinical Focus Series® Acute Exacerbation of Respiratory Diseases – Steven A Sahn
Critical Care Update 2007, 2004, 2003 – Vineet Nayyar, JV Peter, Roop Kishen, S Srinivas
Difficult Diagnosis and Management of Tuberculosis Made Easy® – Tosaddak Ahmed
Essentials of Tuberculosis in Children, 3rd Edition – Vimlesh Seth, Sk Kabra
Handbook of Mechanical Ventilation – B Umesh Kumar
Manual of Respiratory Medicine – Harmanjit Singh Hira
Mechanical Ventilation–Made Easy – S Ahanatha Pillai
Noninvasive Ventilation Made Easy® – Mukesh Kumar Agarwal
Oxygen Therapy, 2nd Edition – S K Jindal, Ritesh Agarwal
Pocket Tutor Understanding ABGs and Lung Function Tests – Muhunthan Thillai, Keith Hattotuwa
Practical Approach to Respiratory Diseases – VK Arora
Practical Approach to Tuberculosis Management – VK Arora
Pulmonary Function Tests Made Easy – Jayant R Shah
Recent Advances in Respiratory Medicine, Volume 2 – SK Sharma, D Behera, A Mohan
Step by Step® Management of Bronchial Asthma – Harmanjit Singh Hira
Textbook of Practical Pediatric Pulmonology – H Paramesh
Textbook of Pulmonary Medicine – Jyotsna M Joshi
Tuberculosis – Surendra K. Sharma, Alladi Mohan