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Developmental Phonological Disorders 2nd Edition PDF

Developmental Phonological Disorders 2nd Edition PDF : Foundations of Clinical Practice

Developmental Phonological Disorders 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Developmental Phonological Disorders: Foundations of Clinical Practice, Second Edition, is the only graduate-level textbook designed for a competency-based approach to teaching, learning, and assessment. The book provides a deep review of the knowledge base necessary for the competent assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of developmental phonological disorders. Thoroughly revised and updated, the textbook contains learning objectives in each chapter to further support understanding of concepts and carefully designed case studies and demonstrations to promote application to clinical problem solving.

Key Features:

  • Learning objectives for each chapter subsection.
  • Includes the how, why and when to apply each assessment and treatment procedure in clinical practice.
  • 62 tables containing clinically relevant information such as normative data to interpret phonological assessment results.
  • 99 figures to support clinical decision making such as recommending a treatment delivery model, selecting treatment targets or choosing evidence based interventions.
  • 35 case studies to support a competency-based approach to teaching and assessment.
  • 35 demonstrations that show how to implement assessment and treatment procedures.

The Second Edition provides a comprehensive overview of seminal studies and leading-edge research on both phonological development and phonological disorders, including motor speech disorders and emergent literacy. This wealth of theoretical background is integrated with detailed descriptions and demonstrations of clinical practice, allowing the speech-language pathologist to design interventions that are adapted to the unique needs of each child while being consistent with the best research evidence. New to the Second Edition:

  • Updated and expanded section on Childhood Apraxia of Speech.
  • Updated and expanded sections on the identification and treatment of inconsistent phonological disorder.
  • Administration and interpretation of the Syllable Repetition Task added.
  • Administration and interpretation of the Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology added with case studies and demonstrations.
  • New organization, formatting, and editing to reduce the size of the book.
  • Case Studies were revised to a single page format.
  • Improved Table of Contents to ease access to content including norms tables, case studies, and demonstrations.