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Diagnosis for Classroom Success Student Edition PDF

Diagnosis for Classroom Success Student Edition PDF : Making Anatomy and Physiology Come Alive

Diagnosis for Classroom Success Student Edition PDF Free Download

When I entered the teaching profession, I was stunned by the lack of interest my high school students had in science education. The traditional model of teaching science, often referred to as chalk-and-talk with the occasional laboratory mixed in, was not working. The vast majority of my students were not going home and reading the textbooks. I knew I had to make the most of our face-to-face time. Author Nicole Maller After conducting research at a rigorous medical school, your students arrive for their first day of hospital duty only to be confronted with four sick patients, each with a different mystery ailment. How can your teams of student-physicians come up with the correct diagnoses? This attention-grabbing narrative and the corresponding role-plays are the basis of Diagnosis for Classroom Success: Making Anatomy and Physiology Come Alive. This high school curriculum gets your students deeply involved in inquiry-based science as it acquaints them with major body systems, sickle cell anemia, HIV, pregnancy, and diabetes. The Student Edition guides students while they examine medical records, form hypotheses, and conduct simulated lab tests. By blending the power of story with engaging investigations, Diagnosis for Classroom Success will cure what ails your lecture-weary biology classes.