ENT Perspectives 2019

ENT Perspectives 2019 PDF

ENT Perspectives 2019
Otorhinolaryngologists and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons who have focused their energies on functional and cosmetic septorhinoplasty do offer a unique perspective and experience of the surgical management of nasal obstruction, and this perspective is highlighted in this edition. Many of the chapters focus on complex problems related to the septum: treating the caudal septum, a discussion of complications of septal surgery including their avoidance and their management, and when to consider the open rhinoplasty approach to septal surgery. Surgical pearls for septoplasty are also considered. Functional rhinoplasty also naturally receives significant attention in this edition, with consideration of the surgical treatment of the saddle nose, treatment of nasal obstruction in the traumatized nose, treatment of the dorsal deviation, and surgical and non-surgical treatment of the nasal valve. Piriform aperture stenosis, a less common form of nasal obstruction, is also considered. A number of facial plastic surgical case studies round out this edition.

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